Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

government shutdown

Ein Freund aus den USA, Sozialwissenschaftler, schrieb mir heute: 

"Well, thanks you for the sympathy at least. It is ridiculous though. As am american with a tad more awareness than most, it does not surprise me that they did such a think, and if they could do worse to put on a show, they would. they are for "principal." But just what principal, and for what reason, who knows!? A friend of mine in Argentina stated that "Argentina has had, on average, a revolution or coup every 10 years in recent history - but they have NEVER had a US-style 'government shutdown,' ever." I think that puts things into perspective. (Shamefully) It appears as though the party is getting torn in two because of ideology. My state, North Carolina, at first was going to have a federal-state coop for the new health care plan, then the new governor through it out, and left it up to the federal government completely, despite the fact they always yell about states rights. THEN to top it all off, the sent back MILLIONS of dollars to the federal government that were specifically allocated to inform the public where and how they sould "shop" for their newly available, subsidezed insurance plans, because it is not in their interest for their constituents to find out that the system might benefit them at all - so they just KILLED the information program. the GOP-controlled state legislature re-drew the voting districts to favor their party in the next elections, and the state has become even more of a laughing stock than it was beforehand. It is a sad state of affairs. But, at least not everyone is laughing. Frankly, these are dubious times if you ask me. Politicians have always been opportunists, but for them to hurt their own voters deliberately just to keep them in the dark so that they might win again the next time around is insane. I fear for our future. 
 Thanks again, hope all is well, 
 Our GOP is full of crazy people and bigots"

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